Youth Empowerment

Below is a variety of activities that can be used to promote good mental health, reduce stigma and spread empathy. Organizations can use as many as the activities as they would like to promote an inclusive culture.

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Everyone Deserves Good Mental Health Poster

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Mental Health Is Important Poster

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You Are Not Alone Poster

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Follow Footprints:

Each footprint has a mental health fact printed on it. Place them throughout the building and have the final footprint end at the office of a trusted adult.

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Now or Later:

Hand out a card with a “Now or Later” candy so that students know they can talk to someone now or later.

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Take a Compliment Poster:

Need a pick me up? Place these compliment posters around so that students can hand them out or take a compliment to spread kindness and empathy.

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Positivity Catcher:

Write four positive messages on your positivity catcher. These can be shared with friends or family.

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How Do You Feel Today?

Upon arrival, have each student take an emoji and place it on the “how do you feel board.” This is a great way to start a conversation with a student.